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Our Salon Services

Hair Cuts & Styles

Each hair cut will vary according to the stylist and the amount of detail work involved.

   Men’s Cuts- $18 and up
   Women’s Cuts- $35 and up
   Children’s Cuts- $12 and up
   Cut and Style- $35 and up
   Style Short/Med Hair- $18 and up
   Style Long/Updo Hair- $35 and up

Aveda Perms
   Short/Medium Hair- $45 and up
   Long Hair/Spiral- $90 and up

Aveda Color
   Touch-up Color- $40 and up
   Full ends Color- $45 and up
   (long/thick hair is extra)

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Hi Lites

Single Color
   Partial- $35 and up
   Full- $60 and up

   Partial- $40 and up
   Full- $65 and up

   Double Process Color- $54 and up

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Body Waxing & Make-Up

Aveda Body Waxing
   Eyebrows- $8 and up
   Lip- $5 and up
   Facial- $10 and up
   Under Arms- $15 and up

Aveda Make-Up
   Application Lesson- $15 and up
   Professional Application- $20 and up

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Facials, Manicures & Pedicures

Aveda Facial
Enjoy a full hour of thorough cleansing, toning, refining, massage and complete hydrating of your upper body. It is a rejuvenating way to either begin and end your day. Make this part of your monthly routine to ensure your skin's proper balance.

      Spa Facial- $50 and up
      Holistic Resurfacing Facial- $60
      Perfecting Plant Peel (Aveda's non-abrasive version of Micro-dermabrasion)- $60
      Extractions- $5

Aveda Manicure
Relieve your tired, stressed arms and hands from life's everyday elements. The hot towel and therapeutic massage of this pampering service will help to circulate and hydrate your arms from elbow to fingertips.

   Spa Manicure- $22
   French Manicure- $25
   Caribbean Therapy Manicure- $30
   Paraffin Hand Therapy- $5

Aveda Pedicure
Get off of your tired, overworked feet and soak in our soothing whirlpool foot bath. You can enjoy our heated massage chair and listen to our favorite music (or bring along your favorite CD), while your feet and legs enjoy being pampered.

   Spa Pedicure- $48
   French Pedicure- $50
   Caribbean Therapy Pedicure- $55
   Paraffin Foot Therapy- $8

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An ancient Tibetan healing art that balances the energy in your body, mind and spirit. A profound state of relaxation results in elevating pain, restoring clarity of thought, peace and harmony. A complete massage for the soul.

NV Keratin Treatment- $150 & up
NV Color Seal- $20 & up

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Retexturing System- $150 & up
Aveda's Semi-Permanent Smoothing System- $150 & up

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